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Changes made in PlanRight

The following changes, made in PlanRight, will be updated immediately in WorkflowMax:

- When a task is allocated to a staff member, that staff member will be assigned to the task in WFM

- When a task is marked as completed in PlanRight, the task will updated in WFM if all tasks of that type for that job are marked as completed

- When time is recorded in PlanRight, a timesheet will be created in WFM

- When a note is added in PlanRight, a note will be added to the job in WFM 


Sync /Timesheet Limitations

1. If you edit a timesheet in WFM in order to move it to a different staff person or task, then that change will not be visible in PlanRight. This means that your total Logged Hours for the task will be incorrect in PlanRight.

2. If you delete a timesheet in WFM it'll still be visible in PlanRight and won't update the Logged Hours.

3. If you delete a job in WFM, it'll still be visible in PlanRight. We recommend closing jobs that you no longer want.

The above limitations exist because the WFM API doesn't give us information on whether a timesheet or job was deleted or edited.

4. Only timesheets from the last 30 days are imported from WFM to PlanRight. If you require timesheets from earlier than this, please contact our support team at

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