Choose this option if you haven’t done any detailed planning in WorkflowMax and would like to start planning in PlanRight. With this option your clients, jobs, tasks, staff assignments, estimated efforts and timesheets will be imported into PlanRight.

Planning in PlanRight works as follow

  •   Create Clients, Jobs, Tasks and Estimate efforts in WorkflowMax. After the initial sync, all of this information will be available in PlanRight.

  •  Tasks Start and End Dates. (We recommend you use PlanRight to add dates):

             - After the initial sync, PlanRight will create a new task assignment for each assigned staff member 

                beginning on the same date as the task created in WorkflowMax.

            - Task assignments will not appear on schedule until you assign them from the schedule or the 

               Jobs tab.

            - If a task is not given it’s own start and end dates in WorkflowMax, PlanRight will copy the start 

               date of the task’s respective job.

            - Dates changed in PlanRight will not sync back to WorkflowMax

  •  Assign tasks to staff members and allocate hours. (We recommend you use PlanRight to assign tasks):

          - Once a task has been synchronised with PlanRight, any changes made in WorkflowMax will not 

             appear in PlanRight.

         - During the planning you can assign/reassign tasks and allocate hours to staff members from the 

           Jobs tab, Plan Job or from the schedule.

        - Staff members can be assigned to the same task multiple times.

       - Staff members assigned to tasks via PlanRight will sync back to WorkflowMax only if the Task 

          Staff Assignments checkbox is enabled in the Settings > XPM/WFM tab.

       - Allocated hours will never sync back to WorkflowMax.


  • Timesheets:

          - Timesheets will sync back to WorkflowMax only if the Timesheets and checkbox is enabled in the Settings >                  XPM/WFM tab.