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Plan in WorkflowMax

Choose this option if you have been using WorkflowMax to do your detailed planning. With this option you will be able to import all your data from WorkflowMax including your clients, jobs, tasks, staff assignments, estimated efforts, job/task dates, allocated hours and timesheets. Your PlanRight schedule will reflect these values on the schedule.

Planning in WorkflowMax works as follows:

  • All task assignments will appear on the schedule. 
  • Changing task dates and staff assignments in WorkflowMax will cause the same changes to appear in PlanRight.
  • Changing task dates for a single staff member will update the dates for all other staff members assigned to that task as well. 
  • Staff members can only be assigned to a task once. In this mode we do not support allocating multiple instances of a task to a staff member.
  • You can optionally enable or disable the synchronisation of Task Start & End Dates, Task Staff Assignments, Allocated Hours and Timesheets to and from WorkflowMax from the Settings > XPM/WFM tab.
  • Deallocating all staff from a task will cause the task to appear in the Unassigned row on the schedule.

More information about PlanRight sync settings can be found here

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