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Staff filter

The staff filter 'Filter by staff' on the Schedule page shows all the staff members irrespective of status ('ACTIVE', 'INACTIVE', 'ARCHIVE') for that organisation.



SQL query to look for the members depending on OrganisationId

SELECT m.Name,m.Status FROM [Membership] ms
INNER JOIN [Member] m ON m.Id=ms.MemberId
WHERE OrganisationId LIKE organisationId  ORDER BY m.Status

The staff filter 'Staff member' on the Job page shows only ACTIVE members for the organisation.

SQL query to get the active member  depending on the OrganisationId

SELECT m.Name,ms.Name,ms.Status,m.Status, * from Membership ms
INNER JOIN member m ON m.Id=ms.MemberId  WHERE OrganisationId LIKE  OrganisationId AND m.Status ='ACTIVE' ORDER BY m.Name AESC

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