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Capacity Indicators

PlanRight shows at a glance the answers to two key questions when managing capacity: how much time have you logged for work done, and how much spare capacity do you have going forward?

Green and Orange communicate about work done, Blue and Red about upcoming work.

Capacity calculations are based on the Working Hrs and Productive % set for individual staff (see here for more) and are displayed on both Staff view of Schedule and Tasks page.

Looking backwards: Time logged against Capacity

It's important to know how much of the time you actually spent doing work has actually been logged. PlanRight communicates this by displaying Orange or Green for any day from today backwards.

- Orange: less time than was available has been logged. The darker the shade of orange, the less time has been logged.

- Green: at least as much time was logged than was available.

Looking forwards: Capacity available 

It's also important to know each staff members capacity remaining in the future to manage workload. When looking forward, PlanRight indicates that a staff member either has spare capacity (Blue) or is over capacity (Red). Shades of each colour indicate how far off full capacity they are.

- Blue: there is spare capacity. The darker the shade of blue, the closer to full capacity the staff member is.

- Red: they are over capacity. The darker the shade of red, the further past full capacity they are.

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