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Viewing Client Jobs & Tasks

The Jobs page under the Scheduling menu displays a list with all your clients which currently have active jobs. Active jobs are jobs that are still open in WFM/XPM. 

You also have the option to just view jobs with tasks that haven't been assigned to any staff. To do this, flick the switch at the top to Unassigned.

The Jobs List can be filtered in various ways. The Staff Member filter allows you to view jobs with tasks that have been assigned to a selected staff member. The Due Date filters allow you to narrow the list down to jobs that have tasks that are due within a selected date range. After setting your filters, click Apply to activate them.

Clicking on a client will display all their active jobs. To view the tasks within a job, click on the job.

To ensure that the displayed jobs for each client are up to date, click the Update from XPM/WFM button. The sync may run for a few mins, depending on how much data needs to be pulled in. 

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