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What are the differences between the sync options?

Plan in PlanRight

This option is designed for users who wish to plan their time via “Plan Job” (drag and drop) or from the “Jobs” tab in PlanRight. In this mode, Staff assignments (not dates) flow from PlanRight into WFM/XPM, but not from WFM.

Plan in WorkflowMax

This option is designed for users who wish to plan and allocate using WFM/XPM Job and Task dates and assignments. An initial sync will schedule ALL tasks into PlanRight based on WFM/XPM Task start and Due Dates and Task Staff assignments first. If none, the initial sync will use the Job Start and Due dates and allocate to “Un-assigned” in PlanRight. Tasks can be re-assigned/rescheduled in PlanRight and the staff assignments and dates will update back into WFM. In this mode, the schedule is limited to what WFM allows – so all instances of the same task in PlanRight must have the same start and end dates.

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