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Jobs in progress with timesheets from WFM - what to do?

When you first connect your WFM account to PlanRight, there will be times where Jobs from WFM are 'In Progress' with timesheets completed in the past. 

What can happen in this scenario is when you start Planning Jobs in PlanRight on the Schedule, the first task you add to a future schedule in PlanRight ends up having all timesheets in the past from the job in WFM that is in progress associated with that first task in PlanRight. See how does the timesheet syncing work.

This can cause confusion when looking at the forecast report and also time logged on a task as it will appear in PlanRight that the assigned task member has logged hours against future scheduled tasks.

To get around this, we recommend first placing a task placeholder on the schedule in PlanRight so that the historical timesheets attach to this PlanRight task placeholder. This task placeholder can have 0 hours of effort attached and be dated in the past.  You can then start assigning your staff to your future tasks in PlanRight and they will reflect any future timesheet logged hours per staff member from that point on. 

If this wasn't done and historic WFM timesheets have attached to a future scheduled task in PlanRight then you can rectify this by moving the future task with historic hours logged into the past and reducing the effort hours.  Then scheduling a new task for the future.

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