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Planning jobs and assign tasks on the Schedule

Assign Job Mode

Once your data has been synced from WFM/XPM, you are free to plan a job on your schedule! To plan a job, first click “Plan Job” at the top right of your screen. Choose a job from the dropdown menu. This information comes from WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager. 

Once you choose a job, you will see three numbers that correspond to three numbers on each of the job's tasks. Like the following: 

Hours logged: The amount of time spent on the job

Hours allocated:The amount of time allocated to staff members

Estimated Effort: The amount of estimated time budgeted to the job. 

You can see these figures for the job as a whole, as well as for each task within the job. Take a look at our deep dive into how PlanRight handles task dates, hours, and assignments to find out more!

Assigning tasks

Assigning tasks on the Schedule is easy! Simply click on and hold the task you wish to assign and drag it onto the appropriate staff member. You will then be able to resize, drag and drop, add time and modify the task on the schedule. Here are some extra important notes:


When you're finished planning your tasks for a job, simply click the Exit Assign Mode link in the top right corner of your schedule

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