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Schedule Introduction

Your Schedule is the centre of attention when planning the tasks you have brought over from XPM or WFM. Regardless of what sync or planning mode you have selected, it's an extremely valuable tool for viewing tasks and analysing staff capacity.

To be understand what the Schedule has to offer, we can break it into three concepts:

  • Job and task assignments. After your data comes across from XPM/WFM in the form of jobs and tasks, PlanRight can use the available tasks to drag and drop into any staff members schedule. These tasks are now assigned to said staff.
  • Capacity planning. Depending on the magnitude of assigned tasks, capacity colour codes can display how full or empty your staff member's schedule is. 
  • Data display options. PlanRight has many filters and schedule view options that make it simple for you to view your data in a way that suits you best.

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