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What is the difference between PlanRight Team and PlanRight Premium?

Ideal for any number of users, PlanRight Team gives you a granular view of your scheduling and the ability to future-plan more confidently.  It syncs with XPM and WFM, enables you to track capacity for your whole team, record time, notes and status of tasks and enables you to set automatic task reminder emails.  

PlanRight Premium offers the features outlined above, plus additional functionality including:

  1. The ability to rollover WFM/XPM Jobs in bulk either monthly or annually which is ideal for businesses who repeat the same client work regularly.  
  2. The Skills Matrix allows your staff to assign their own skillsets and level of experience to allow workflow planners to select the right people for the task. 
  3. The Bookings function enables you to set a booking based on a WFM/XPM task.

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