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Splitting a task between staff members

Splitting a job between staff members is another way to handle this problem. 80 hours over the next couple weeks may put Aurif over capacity, but he probably has enough space for 40 hours. You can test this by clicking on the "80h" on the task the job screen, and changing it to "40h": 

If you look at the “Design” box, you’ll see that you have 160 hours budgeted, but only 120 have been allocated, leaving you with 40 more to allocate. This is because you reduced Aurif’s time from 80 hours to 40 hours. 

We can give those 40 hours to Austin Mer:

 How to split a job

1.  Double click on the rectangle associated with the task, or click on “Plan Job” and choose the relevant job. Both of these will take you directly to the job. 

2.  Click on the amount of time you have allocated to the job - in this case, 80 hours

3.  Change it to a smaller number.

4.  Click on the relevant component in the rectangles at the top of the job. 

5.  Drag it down to the second staff member (in this case, Austin Mer).

6.  Click on the right-hand side of the rectangle, and drag it out to the deadline.

7.  Click on the allocated time - “1h” by default, and change it to the amount of time you want to allocate to the second staff member. In this case, we have split an 80 hour task in half, so both Austin and Aurif will have 40 hours allocated to design.

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