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Giving the task to someone else

If extending the deadline is not an option, you can take the entire job off Aurif, and give it to someone who has capacity to do it. 

If we look at the schedule, we can see two people who seem to have the capacity to do this job: Austin Mer and Andreas Butler. You can see the gaps in their schedules above and below Aurif:

But you may not be able to assign tasks to just any staff member. Some may not be acquainted with this job and client. 

To choose who gets Aurif’s 80 hours of design work, you can drill into the job itself by double clicking on the 80-hour Adshel Campaign Design task. This brings you to the job screen.

This shows that Austin Mer is on this job, but Andreas Butler is not, as Andreas Butler disappeared when we drilled into the job. So in order to make everyone’s life easier, we’ll assign the job to Austin Mer instead of Andreas Butler.

Now Austin Mer will do the job, and finish it on 2 March. Aurif has some capacity left for smaller jobs. 

 How to give a task to someone else:

1.  Click the rectangle associated with the task

2.  Drag the rectangle to another staff member

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