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Signing up and logging in with Xero

Logging in with Xero

  • In the Login page, you will find the buttons to Login with Xero, Login with PlanRight and Sign up with Xero.

  • If you have already signed up with Xero, you will be redirected to be the Xero login page when you click on Login with Xero and taken to the dashboard once you are authenticated.
  • If you are an existing PlanRight user or a new user who hasn't signed up with Xero, you will be logged in with Xero but asked to verify and link with your existing PlanRight account. This is a one-time step.

  • If you are an existing PlanRight user, you can do this by entering your password for your PlanRight account and then typing in the code that you receive in your email.

  • If you are a new user, you will have to use the Sign up with Xero option to create a new account.

Sign up with Xero

  • If you are a new user, on the Sign up page, click on Continue Sign up with Xero. You will be asked to Login using your Xero credentials on the Xero login page. You will then be asked to grant permissions to details on your Xero account, for PlanRight to access.

  • Then you will be taken to a form on PlanRight, where you will need to enter a few more details. With this step, your signup process is complete. 

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