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Setting up Lead Imports

To start working with leads in PlanRight, you will first need to create a job in WFM with a few tasks. This job will be used as a template to create your leads in PlanRight. 

Under the Settings Tab > XPM/WFM you'll see an option to Import leads. Select this and enter the number of the job you created as per image below.

Note that this job number does not need to be replaced or updated and that the tasks you set up under the lead job will be available for you drag and drop onto the PlanRight schedule for all associated Leads.

New Leads are created in WFM under the Business tab and may be imported to PlanRight immediately by conducting a manual Job sync.

PlanRight will import all leads from XPM/WFM and display them in the same way jobs are displayed (visible in both the Jobs tab and on the Schedule, available for you to drag and drop). Each Lead is given a unique lead number to allow you to distinguish it from regular jobs. 

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