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Assigning Staff

When a job is allocated to any number of staff members in WFM/XPM, the staff's initials will display next to that job's tasks in PlanRight. 

Selecting a staff member's initials & clicking **Save** will assign the task to that staff member.

You can also assign a task to multiple staff. To do this, click Add Staff Member, select another staff member's initials and click Save. This will sync back to WFM and will update the staff allocation in the WFM copy of the task too. Doing this also allows you to split the effort however you want between staff members. 

There are times when you may want to allocate more staff members to jobs than what is allocated in WFM or you may want to replace a staff member. The Bulk Assign Staff Members feature makes this possible. While viewing a client's jobs, click Bulk Assign Staff Members to Tasks.

You'll see a list with all the active jobs for that particular client. Select a staff person from the Assign Staff Member list and then select which jobs you want to assign them to. You can also assign them to all the jobs for that client by ticking the Assign option as shown in the screenshot below. 

It's also easy to replace a currently assigned staff person with another. In the example below, Lance will be removed from the job Custom Motif July and replaced with SA.

Click Save and all your staff allocations will be synced back to update the corresponding jobs in WFM.

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