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Tasks page

Tasks shows tasks each staff member is allocated to in a table view sorted by start date. The collapsible staff sections give easy access to key task information such as:

- Start and End dates

- Estimated time (Est.) - the duration set on this task

- Completed time (Comp.) - time logged against this task

- Remaining time (Rem.) – time remaining to complete the task

To edit a Task, click on the Client, Job, Task or Stats field to open the Update Task modal.

To enter Assign Mode for a task, click on the Start or End date, or  the  links in a task to open a time value.

Select the Done checkbox to mark a task(s) as Completed.

The capacity bar next to each staff member's name shows a heat map of their capacity and utilisation over the period. (See Capacity Indicators for information on what the colours show.)

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