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Fee forecast

To forecast your revenue, you will first need to set up your hourly rates by staff or task.

Setting default hourly rates

  1. Select "Hourly Rates" under the Settings menu. This opens the Hourly rates page
  2. Select "Allocate Per Person" or "Allocate Per Task"
  3. Enter your hourly rates against each item and click "Save Changes"

The forecasted revenue will be calculated using these rates unless you set special rates for particular clients. This is done by setting override hourly rates.

Setting override hourly rates

1. In "Hourly Rates", click "Add Override Rates"

2. Choose a client from the drop down list at the top.

3. Enter your hourly rates against each item and click "Save Override Rates"

Your forecasted revenue will display on your forecast page based on whether you set your hours by person or task. 

Here is the revenue forecast for the Brand Design job for Bakers Gonna Bake. Jorg Blur & Samson Dario have been assigned to the Design task and they both have an hourly rate of $100. 64 hours have been allocated for the period of Oct 15-21, 32 hours for Oct 22-28 and Oct 29-Nov 4. The dollar figures have been calculated based on these allocated hours. 

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