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Using the tasks page

The tasks page is another way you can use PlanRight for your capacity planning. This screen shows what each staff member is working on, and how much capacity they have. This is useful for managing individual workflow, rather than the whole organisation’s workflow. 

You can go to the tasks page by clicking “Tasks” option in the menu. 

This is one staff member in the staff view - Elf Stone.

This shows what Elf Stone is working on, how much capacity he has, and the status of each of his tasks. 

From here, you can also drill into tasks to see how they are going. If you click on the first task on the list (signage design for Chairman Miaow Cattery), you can see more detail: 

You can use this screen to set reminders, see when things were worked on, change the task’s status, enter notes and log time against the task.

The tasks page also makes it clear to see how each staff member is tracking against each task they've been allocated.

Here you can see that over the current 2 week period, Elf has 5 hours of work to do for the Design task for Adventure Time Clocks. This shows as 'Est.' (estimated). He has already logged 5 hours which is showing under 'Comp.' (completed). The 'Rem.' (remaining) therefore shows 0.

You can also see the total estimated, completed & remaining hours for each allocated task.

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