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Using the schedule view

The schedule view shows your staff members’ scheduled time in context.  This helps you see who is over capacity, and who has spare capacity. This information comes from other jobs you have planned. 

PlanRight also uses colour codes to show how much capacity staff members have, and how much time they have logged in the past. This page has more information about colour codes in PlanRight

Here’s an example of a job in the schedule view:

The planning and client meetings have been allocated in this job, and 60 out of 120 hours of the design work has also been allocated. This means there are 60 hours left to allocate. 

 You can see that Marla is at capacity from this job, because each day has dark blue shading   

We can also see that Samson Dario has some capacity, but with 50 hours spoken for by other jobs over the next two weeks, he is unlikely to have room for another 60 hours on this job. 

However, Stafford Cro has lots of capacity - he has only two hours allocated to him over the next two weeks. With this in mind, we can assign him the remaining 60 hours of design work. 

All of the tasks are now allocated, everybody is at or below capacity, and the job will be finished on Friday, 9 March.

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