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Planning a job

Once your data has been synced from WFM/XPM, you can plan a job. 

First, click “Plan Job” at the top right of your screen. Choose a job from the dropdown menu. This information comes from WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager. 

Once you choose a job, you will see three numbers. Like this: 

Hours logged: The amount of time spent on the job

Hours allocated:The amount of time allocated to staff members

Estimated Effort: The amount of estimated time budgeted to the job. 

You can see these figures for the job as a whole, as well as for each task within the job.

The total number of hours logged comes from WFM/XPM and includes the hours logged using PlanRight which gets sent to WFM/XPM (if your Export Timesheets setting is switched on in Sync Settings

The total number of hours allocated only comes from PlanRight. Each time you allocate a task to a staff member's calendar and add hours, this figure is updated. 

The total number of Estimated Effort only comes from WFM/XPM. This is the Estimated Hours figure that you assign to each task within a job.  

The blue box  in this example shows the tasks that make up the job. The box is blue in this example, but it may not be blue for you, as the colour changes based on client, task, job, manager or assigned staff member depending on your Colour mode settings

The above job is relatively simple, so it just has one task - 6 hours of QA. 

A more complicated job may have more tasks:

This job has three tasks - client meeting (2 hours), design (120 hours) and planning (2 hours).

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